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Entrepreneurial Family Man

Oct 30, 2018

What are key ingredients in most relationships? Whether in business, marriage or other healthy relationships we believe these two are vital to your success.

As an entrepreneur, life can be tough and the road lonely. Fortunately, you can be intentional about building supportive relationships with other entrepreneurs -...

Oct 23, 2018

When it comes to money, what discussions do you need to have with yourself and your spouse?  

How can you get on the same page financially even if coming from completely different upbringings? 

And what actions do you need to take when it comes to money? What do you wish to create? Where do you see opportunities?...

Oct 16, 2018

How do you think about money? What type of income do you wish for? What are you called to?

Diving into the controversial topic of money, we peel back the layers of this often misunderstood topic. Is money evil?  How do you distinguish between that and the love of money?

Are you pre-determined to make a certain amount of...

Oct 9, 2018

Pausing or stepping back to take account of your life and issues you need to address is important for sustainable growth. 

If you're like most men, we rarely do this and instead plow ahead without taking account.  

But stepping back to take inventory and identifying messes in your life is important so you can grow even...

Oct 2, 2018


What do you truly believe about yourself and surroundings?

What narrative were you given by family, friends, teachers, coaches and others who influenced your life?

How does this mindset affect you on a daily basis in your career, marriage and family?  

Listen in as we explore:

  • Where we get our narrative
  • How...